Private Investments

We have an established network of high net-worth individuals who invest alongside us in turnaround or high growth opportunities.

Many of our turnaround deals have been difficult situations, and stretching ‘the art of the possible’; in some cases there has never been a better feeling than saving hundreds of jobs and breathing new life into a business which deserves the chance to succeed and grow.

These transactions are often like putting a jigsaw together with many different funding sources and operationally involve areas of rationalisation and the introduction of new management.

By way of just one example – a meter reading business with 350 employees on the brink of bankruptcy with £650k of PAYE arrears, £200k of VAT arrears and no funding to meet the next payroll. The introduction of private investors and a £3m funding line saved the company from extinction and the subsequent sale to an overseas buyer yielded a 6x multiple on equity for new investors, the repayment of all government debt and today the company continues to be a market leader in the UK.

Together with our investors we look for positions which give majority control however the emphasis in always on supporting the management team to deliver the business plan.

What the client says...