Corporate Mentoring

If you want your company to reach the peak of its potential, then mentoring is for you. We will take your business to a different dimension in terms of growth and professionalism to ensure you receive the absolute maximum value and leave the buyer with a great business that is fit for the future.

We offer corporate mentoring to companies:

  • Capable of being market leaders and/or whichare radical in today’s market
  • Have a minimum value of £10m with growth potential of £50m+
  • Run by entrepreneurs who are passionate about growing their business with a view to exit in two to four years

If this applies to your business, and you fit our criteria we will work on the basis of equity participation relating to the increase in capital value and a small retainer basis of participation relating to the increase in capital value.

Mentoring is intensive as we will touch upon and be inextricably involved in every aspect of your company. We will join your board, attend relevant management meetings, organise off-site strategy days and be by your side throughout the journey.

We will help create your business plan, set KPIs, strengthen your management where appropriate, and introduce non-executive support.

Our team will research your market, its competitors, identify potential acquisitions, look at new routes to market, implement strategic growth initiatives and energise all sales processes.

It will be seen as one which ‘ticks all the boxes’ with a potential buyer, will be on a sound footing and built for future growth.

In essence, ‘your business will become our business’ and just like you, we will live and breathe it as we work with you to achieve our mutual goal.

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