Company Sales

Our ethos in company sales is to stand in the shoes of the entrepreneur and be:

The Helicopter which can see everything from above and anticipate every move before it happens

The Strategist who defines when to sell, how to sell and the best way to maximise value

The Analyst who understands the market and knows who to approach and how

The Presenter who ensures that the business is presented in the best possible light

The Negotiator who optimises value in a professional manner

The Conductor who delivers the transaction on time without deviation

And most importantly…

The Friend who will stand shoulder to shoulder, will never give up and will understand, listen and advise.

Our guarantee…

  • No-one will walk through walls like we will to deliver your expectations
  • We will leave no stone unturned
  • We will beat your expectations with our service and value

Momentum is our friend and key to our success in any transaction.

Our experience tells us that company sales will often be to overseas buyers, PLCs and VC backed businesses. We have direct access to the active acquirers and investors in your sector and that’s why we have completed over 40 deals worth more than £1 billion.

Partial Exit...

What the client says...

A bespoke range of services individually tailored to you and your business.