UK Online Market Intelligence Report

Triskell, the UK’s leading growth, corporate mentoring and company sales specialists, have today issued their first proprietary market intelligence report examining the UK Online Market, which comprehensively combines both primary consumer research with detailed market analysis and data to assist companies in the online sector.

The recent development of e-commerce given the economic environment has been nothing short of remarkable, demonstrating almost straight line growth at a time of a flat economy to reach an expected near £223.2 billion in 2013 equivalent to an estimated 14% of the total UK GDP.

Almost 51% of the market is estimated to be accounted for by the B2B market in 2013. A further 39% is accounted for by the B2C market with gambling accounting for the remaining 10%.

B2B web sales are estimated at £113.6 billion in 2013, reflecting growth of 10% in the year. This follows growth of a similar 10% in the previous year as the sector continues to defy overall economic development. In the B2B market, web sales form only a part of total e-commerce sales, with EDI sales being far more important, reflecting the very different dynamics of selling in the heavier end of the B2B market. What is evident is that web sales are being used to cost effectively target the vast SME market.

The UK Online Market has demonstrated a strong appetite for M&A activity, generating 186 publically announced transactions over the last three years, an average of five deals per month. Published deal sizes ranged from $450,000 to $1.6bn, with private equity involvement in around 18% of transactions.

UK companies have been involved in around 9% of globally reported deals during the same period which is indicative of the relative strength, maturity and positioning of the UK market.

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