Bespoke Business Valuation Service

In line with its evolutionary approach to the strategic advisory and corporate finance market, Triskell has launched its bespoke online valuation tool for entrepreneurial companies.

Utilising a wealth of sector intelligence, unparalleled M&A market insight and a small list of company specific information, Triskell is able to offer a free and completely bespoke indicative company valuation within 24 hours. This unique and highly insightful service includes:

  • A summary of sector specific M&A activity
  • Details of every worldwide notified transaction in your sector
  • A competitor analysis and comparison tool
  • An indicative valuation of your company

Triskell have access to a worldwide database of published M&A deals and is able to interrogate all notified deals to identify the active UK and International acquirers and the respective earnings multiples prevalent in your sector. Alongside this market insight, Triskell has access to direct lines of communication with the CEOs and advisors involved in these transactions. This enables us to value your company with a fair degree of accuracy and provide a highly informed assessment of market appetite.

To receive your free company valuation, please complete our valuation form or contact the Triskell team directly for more details on: 0161 839 4471 or